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There are 3 million registered and 2 million irregular refugees in Turkey. We strongly believe that Refugees could lead to an economic and social development.

QZenobia is a mobile application that runs as a “refugee hub”, based on “Refugee Big-Data Analytics”. With QZenobia, refugees can submit their data to the application via “questionnaire” and search for opportunities such as verified news, refugee portal, jobs and digital registrations in the host country.

The application collects refugee data such as: who?, what?, where?, which skills are given?, which income are given?, and what are their market dynamics? so that consulting projects with easy, secure and fast monthly updated data analytics became introduced into the host country’s market, and provided to the economy, given the refugees’ permissions.

Refugees looking for a job with knowledge of C++ programming skills
Wage increase percentage since the migration started among refugees
Same bank usage among university-age refugee students in Ankara
Graftefulness towards Turkey among university-age refugee students

Latest news

London Accelerator Investment

QZenobia have been selected for “Collective Global Accelerator London” qualifying in “Top 11” among 4600 technology driven social startups around the world. We are honored and proud be part of CGA. More Information about London Accelerator:  http://www.collectiveglobalaccelerator.com/  

Missing Migrants

The number of children who die during migration is much higher than what we know. Obtaining better data could help to reduce such tragedies in the future, as well as help families to identify their loved ones: https://t.co/H6txW3cZaI #MissingMigrants https://t.co/juPCsAVKkD

MIT Enterprise Forum, Innovate For Refugees Finals

QZenobia made it to MIT Enterprise Forum, Innovate For Refugees program from 2000 startups qualifying in “Top 20”

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