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Refugee Online Portal: “Migport”

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Innovating Big Data #FORGOOD analytics about refugees’ financial, educational and skill-set information online, using the social website interactions. Analytics for less costly and more efficient projects based on real needs to turn the government spending into advantages of refugees

Refugees looking for a job with knowledge of C++ programming skills
Wage increase percentage since the migration started among refugees
Same bank usage among university-age refugee students in Ankara
Graftefulness towards Turkey among university-age refugee students

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The details of life in a refugee camp

Since civil war broke out in South Sudan, in 2013, more than a million South Sudanese refugees have crossed the border into neighbouring Uganda.”During the early stages of the crisis, living conditions were bleak – but life has been slowly improving for the refugees living here,” says Trenchard “Uganda’s policy towards refugees is often used as […]

Syrian refugee children get education in Turkey

Education programme in Turkey aims to prevent what the UN calls a lost generation of Syrian children.Turkey has taken in more than 3.9 million Syrian refugees over the course of the war in Syria. The Turkish government along with the EU and UNICEF have introduced a new programme to help integrate Syrian youths in Turkey. […]

Then and now: refugee lives in sharp focus

Women present photographs from home and reflect on the past they left behind — as well as their hopes for a brighter future. My name is Nour and I am 27 years old. I am from a town near Damascus, Syria. I studied pharmacy, but it was hard because the war began soon after I started university. […]

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