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Lebanese teacher helps Syrian refugee thrive at school

Leaning his small body across the chipped wooden desk at the center of a green-walled classroom, 12-year-old Abed helps explain a mathematical problem to three other students. Abed is a refugee from Syria, and the students are his Syrian and Lebanese classmates at Al Haydariya school in Sarafand, southern Lebanon. “He is a gifted student,” […]

Syrian refugees face harsh winter as funding falls short

As he prepares for another winter out of his home, Syrian refugee Radwan faces the immediate challenge of how to keep his family dry. “Winter is very harsh here. Whenever it rains, our homes are flooded,” he says. Radwan is among millions of Syrians uprooted by war who face deepening hardship as funding shortfalls threaten […]

Friends ripped apart by Ethiopian violence rebuild their lives together

After clashes in south-western Ethiopia left over a million people displaced, many are now returning home to restart their lives in peace. The sky was full of stars the night the attackers came, remembers Mohamed. “There was not a single cloud. They didn’t say a word. They set our homes on fire, slaughtered our animals […]

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