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IFORS News highlights MIGPORT Q-Zenobia

The International Federation of Operational Research Societies IFORS highlights Migport, Former Q-Zenobia at OR for Development Section with OR Analytics in a Startup Project for Refugees. Our co-founder, Berat Kjamili and adviser, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber behalf of Migport took place in the stream “International Aspects of OR”, during EURO 2018 in Valencia, Spain. Source:  

Uganda Launches new Education Response Plan for Africa’s biggest refugee crisis

The Government of Uganda, Partners in Development, UN agencies and NGOs, today launch a new Plan that if funded will provide quality education for hundreds of thousands of refugee and host community children in Uganda. The Education Response Plan (ERP) is the first of its kind worldwide and represents a huge policy step forward for […]

Lebanese teacher helps Syrian refugee thrive at school

Leaning his small body across the chipped wooden desk at the center of a green-walled classroom, 12-year-old Abed helps explain a mathematical problem to three other students. Abed is a refugee from Syria, and the students are his Syrian and Lebanese classmates at Al Haydariya school in Sarafand, southern Lebanon. “He is a gifted student,” […]

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