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QZenobia referring to ancient Syrian Queen Zenobia is a consultancy and market research for- profit social entrepreneurship firm which aims to integrate Syrian Labor Force into the Turkish Development through creating workshops and working environment regarding technological products and services, and which also produces brands owned artwork goods and services.


Adding value to Turkish economy given Syrian labor force in Turkey during their stay with technological products and services and artwork goods and services. Making Turkish people happy while making Syrian culture cool.


We aim to expand the company and add sub products given already existing Syrian businesses in Turkey, in other words, to expand products and unite with other start-ups which already work on the refugee related businesses. In the long run, we aim to turn refugee camps into industrial zone.

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Latest news

The Book Has Been Published!

With great pleasure, We announce that the book has been published! As a result of the book, the business plan that founder, Berat Kjamili wrote with Prof. Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber led to birth of QZenobia. B. Kjamili and G.-W. Weber, The Role of LiBerated Social Entrepreneur in Developing Countries: A mid-way in Societal Complexity, Data Mining […]

Congratulations from the MIT Enterprise Forum, Pan Arab Region!

We are pleased to announce that QZenobia have been selected as semi-finalist to attend MIT Enterprise Forum Innovate For Refugees program in Amman, Jordan.

We are GSEA Turkey Winner!

Congratulations to our Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) Turkey winner Berat Kjamili! His company QZenobia aims to show a positive correlation between Refugees and Development with Big Data Analytics. We will be representing EO GSEA Turkey in Toronto, Canada.

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