Investment in education desperately needed to avert “lost generation” of Rohingya children – UNICEF

NEW YORK/COX’S BAZAR, Bangladesh, 23 August 2018 – More than half a million Rohingya refugee children in southern Bangladesh are being denied the chance of a proper education, and international efforts are urgently needed to prevent them falling prey to despair and frustration, UNICEF said today.

In a report marking one year since the start of a huge influx of Rohingya fleeing extreme violence in Myanmar into Bangladesh, UNICEF warns that children living in the cramped and rudimentary refugee camps of Cox’s Bazar District face a bleak future, with few opportunities to learn, and no idea when they might return home.

“If we don’t make the investment in education now, we face the very real danger of seeing a ‘lost generation’ of Rohingya children, children who lack the skills they need to deal with their current situation, and who will be incapable of contributing to their society whenever they are able to return to Myanmar,” says UNICEF Bangladesh Representative Edouard Beigbeder.

On 5 August 2018 in Hakimpara Refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, Tasmin, 10, (left), a Bangladeshi student, helps her friend Rajima, 10, (right), a Rohingya refugee, with her studies.

Source: https://www.unicef.org

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