Refugee Crisis

Oct. 1, 2015. After battling rough seas and high winds from Turkey, migrants arrive by rubber raft on a jagged shoreline of the Greek island of Lesbos. Fearing capsize or puncture, some panicked and jumped into the cold water in desperation to reach land. This boy made it, unlike hundreds of others. Tyler Hicks/The New York Times

Nov. 1, 2015. The body of a refugee who attempted to cross the Aegean Sea from Turkey, in the background, on Lesbos. Three other bodies, of a 12-year-old girl, a middle-aged man and an older man, were also found that morning.
Mauricio Lima for The New York Times


Aug. 31, 2015. Members of the Majid family from Syria sleep with their children in their arms in a wheat field as they wait to cross the barbed wire fence at Horgos into Hungary.
Mauricio Lima for The New York Times
Nov. 21, 2015. A refugee family from Syria gets warm around a bonfire as others line up to be registered in a reception camp, in Gevgelija. Mauricio Lima for The New York Times
Aug. 15, 2015. Laith Majid, an Iraqi, broke into tears of joy, holding his son and daughter after they arrived safely in Kos, Greece, on a flimsy rubber boat.
Daniel Etter for The New York Times
Nov. 7, 2015. A huge pile of discarded life vests, inner tubes and deflated rubber dinghies, the basic equipment that thousands of refugees use to cross the Aegean sea from Turkey, at dusk on Lesbos.
Mauricio Lima for The New York Times

Source: https://www.nytimes.com


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