Syrian refugee children get education in Turkey

Education programme in Turkey aims to prevent what the UN calls a lost generation of Syrian children.Turkey has taken in more than 3.9 million Syrian refugees over the course of the war in Syria. The Turkish government along with the EU and UNICEF have introduced a new programme to help integrate Syrian youths in Turkey.

At his new home in Ankara, Huzaifa Alawad is improving his Turkish. He’s one of millions of young Syrians who’s been forced to leave his country because of the war. Huzaifa and his family fled their home in Khan Sheikhoun, in Southern Idlib over three years ago.

Now his father has enrolled him in what’s called a non-formal educational programme to make up for his lost years of schooling. The programme is financed by the European Commission in partnership with the Turkish ministry of youth and sports, the Turkish Red Crescent and UNICEF.

There are at least 1.5 million Syrian refugee children in Turkey, and over 610,000 are enrolled in school. But according to Turkey’s ministry of national Education, more than 350,000 Syrian children are not getting any formal education.

Turkey has been working to overcome economic, social and cultural challenges in integrating a high number of Syrian refugees. (AA)

Source: https://cdni0.trtworld.com


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